Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 5: Martial arts

It doesn't matter how much martial arts training a recruit has had, everyone starts at the beginning in boot camp.

Gen. James L. Jones, envisioned a program to enable every Marine to realize their full potential as a warrior. Drawing upon our rich legacy of leadership and heritage of innovation, the Marine Corps developed the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. It is a martial art whose roots reach back from the boarding parties of the Continental Marines, extend through the Raiders of World War II and include the modern complexities of the three-block war. 

Recruit will be working at least for for a "tan belt," which is the first level he needs to reach to get through the program. After tan is grey and then he can earn up to a black belt (not in boot camp). There are 6 degrees of black belt but every one above first degree requires the Marine to be an officer of some sort.
Because the Marine wears his belt as part of his uniform, bright colors like red, yellow and purple are not included in the system.

The Marine Corps Martial Arts Programs has several nicknames including Semper fu, MCSlap, MCNinja and Bushido.



  1. Hadn't heard of the marital arts nicknames - Love 'em. Semper fu! Awesome

  2. After reading the link above to Boot Camp Basics, I am wondering now about The Crucible. I thought that was the very last thing they did and then at the end, the family is there and gets to see them receive their recognition as a Marine. That's what I thought Recruit's Wife said anyway.

    But the link seems to indicate the Transition phase comes after the Crucible. Can anyone clarify?

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