Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mmmmm, Foooood

Recruit weighed-in before he went as on the light side. This means he may have been subject to double rations status.

Recruits on double rations, or "double rat recruits", are given twice the "chow" of their within-standards compatriots.

They get three meals a day served at a mess hall or, later during the phase called the "Crucible," will be Meals, Ready to Eat. During marine recruit family day, before Recruit went to San Diego, we, his family, were subjected to MREs. I hope they get practice preparing the MREs, because the whole process took a fair amount of time to read and figure out how to warm up the food and boil water for coffee etc.

One mom on a forum said her recruit reported:
"Chow was pretty good. However, there isn't much time to eat it. He said he jammed everything between two slices of bread and horsed it down, which he's good at. When your platoon guide is finished, you are also finished. And he has a DI encouraging him to eat faster. So, learn to eat quickly.
"So, food quality is decent, quantity is fine, allowed time constricted ..."
Other sources also say the food is decent but you have to eat it fast, one young man even suggested a method of  "Keep your head down and fork moving drink in between each bite, you wont be granted more time to eat once your table is done you will told to leave."
I don't see how double rations will be doing any good if one does not have time to eat them.

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  1. You could certainly slurp down some of the MRE Entrees on the move. Might be a mess, but Chili with Beans, Sloppy Joe, etc. could definitely be eaten cold, out of the corner of the pack. Some of the Entrees are in bigger chunks that wouldn't be conducive to eating that way. The First Strike Rations are hard to come by -- they are purely military issue, and to my knowledge aren't readily commercially available. ration MREs meals ready-to-eat