Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So tonight I wonder about doubts. Is Recruit lying awake wondering if he can make it? Is he depressed and frustrated over some failure to meet a goal? Is he angry because some drill instructor has disovered something to hurt him with?
I want to say to you my son, I love you so much I want to wrap my arms around you. I believe in you.
There will be doubts and moments you wonder if you can make it. I want to say, I know you can, I know your pushy ability to get over and under and through. I know your loyalty and friendship will create bonds for life with those around you.
You are my rock, my knight, my hero.

Funny guy!.... Proof that you can be the same person you were when you went to boot camp. Unless, of course, it was boot camp that made him crazy in the first place.

"When in doubt, empty the magazine."

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  1. These are awesome by the way...really enjoyed them both - post more if you find them!