Friday, April 15, 2011

Letter day, one of several rights

I got a letter from Recruit!
Lovely letter saying how much he misses us and that all he does all day is marching (like in band), class work (like in school) and physical training (PT). He says there is never enough to eat. I think this is because there is never enough time to eat.

No, these are not letters from our Recruit, just a sample. Actually from Vietnam.
Who would have guessed, recruits in Marine boot camp actually have rights and private letters is one of them:

The Marine Corps Recruit Training Regulation lists the following "recruit rights:"
(a) Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, except under certain conditions and times 
(b) One hour of free time daily, unless removed for punishment, and during processing, forming, weapons and field/combat training, and the Crucible Event.
(c) 20 minutes to consume each meal.
(d) Attend sick call.
(e) Attend scheduled religious services.
(f) Request mast via the chain-of-command.
(g) Make and receive emergency phone calls.
(h) Receive mail on the day it is received by the parent company except for Sundays, holidays, and during the Crucible Event.
(i) Send mail without fear of censorship.
(j) Make head calls.
(k) Use medication prescribed by a certified military medical officer.

From the Marine Corps Recruit Training Regulations

"The purpose of free time is to allow recruits to read, write letters, watch instructional television (ITV), and to take care of other personal needs. It is a period when no training is received by recruits and no instruction is conducted by Drill Instructors. Free Time is intended to be a relief period from close, constant association for both recruits and DI's and to take care of personal hygiene and other personal needs."

I can't wait for my next letter!

"To err is human, to forgive divine. However, neither is Marine Corps Policy.
-- ???


  1. I lived for every letter home! I've kept them all and trying to get them in a scrapbook of some sort. My son also left us his boot camp hat. THe one with his blood sweat and tears. He wants that lid kept forever!

    Mine too said there was never enough to eat, but it's because there is never enough time. Corb was a squad leader so that meant even less.
    I love that they let them attend religious services. That one hour that they get to escape the barracks and recruit life for a small period of time.

    Interesting as I read the recruit's rights. They may be posted, but the DI's don't always recognize them. And the recruits have to just take it.....
    Continue the good work Recruit!

  2. My Daughter has sent me letters from Parris Island of being spit on, kicked and even punched in her face. My letters were withheld from her for 2 weeks I know because I dated each one on the outside and she noted when the stack of male was received.
    She went there expecting hard work, being yelled at and basically having no rights. What she did not expect was, spitting, kicking and punching. They have destroyed her optimism and if it were not for the religious reading I sent her with, She would have committed suicide by now.

  3. Anonymous my heart hurts for you and your daughter. My son went to the other coast, and I have seen through my internet exploration, Parris Island seems to be harder on people. I will pray for your child and yourself. It was really hard being a mother with a child in bootcamp, I can imagine how terreible it is to be a mother with a child being abused!