Thursday, April 28, 2011

Teachers at boot camp

This video made me cry all over again. The whole series is pretty cool, I can totally see being one of those educators being pushed around. Hopefully they don't take that screaming-in-the-face part back to school with them.

It's not unusual at all it seem to welcome outside groups in to enjoy the Marine boot camp experience.

Each year, the Marines pay for nearly 2,000 educators to observe four days of basic training, or boot camp, to reach people the corps considers "key influencers" of young people.
Educators from Western states go to Marine Recruit Depot San Diego; those from the East come here, to Marine Recruit Depot Parris Island, a swampy, bug-ridden place north of Savannah, Ga.
The educators workshop recently drew about 60 administrators, guidance counselors and teachers from New York and New Jersey -- all flown down on commercial planes. The Marines put the group up at the Country Inn in Beaufort and treated them to dinners at places like the officers' club at Marine Air Station. On the last night, the Marines took the educators out for seafood and steaks. An impromptu bar tour followed.
Last year, the program helped the Marines meet their goal of new recruits despite suffering heavy losses in Iraq, having the longest and hardest basic training -- and without offering extra cash to enlist as the Army often does.

The above quote is from 2006. There have not been "heavy losses" for a good while thank God. The recruiting goal for that year was 30,000 for the Marines. That goal has decreased significently.

For the fiscal year ending in march 2011 for the Department of Defense, the Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force branches all made their recruiting goals. The Army has the most recruits with 34,264 (goal was 33,600) and the Marines the fewest with 11,497 (goal was 11,468). The Navy recruited 16,011 (exact goal) and the Air Force gained 14,279 (also exact goal).

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  1. I like to think the Marine's have the lowest recruiting numbers because they are the toughest program to get into. They don't make phone calls and beg people to join. They don't give a shit. YOu will join becuase you WANT to