Friday, April 8, 2011

Letter time!

So we finally got notice from Recruit of his address! Now we can write him. His wife got the letter and even a personal note at the bottom saying he is fine, he misses everyone and he is having fun.

The suggestion for writing letters is to not get sappy and sad and talk about how much you miss him or all the things he is missing, instead focus on what he is doing, stay positive and show him that you are interested in what he is doing.

We are not supposed to send care packages, cookies or hearts.

Recruits have had to eat entire batches of homemade cookies all at once, had to give them all away, or just have them taken away. Some have had to do extra PT (physical training) to be allowed to keep their "surprise" gifts from home - or do extra PT in addition to having to eat them all or give them all away. Other items might be taken away from your recruit until graduation.

Anyone who knows him and would like his address to write something to him, let me know.

"Any Drill Instructor will tell you that recruits who regularly receive mail are better motivated, have fewer illnesses or injuries and generally do better than recruits who do not regularly receive mail.
Your mission is to see that your recruit receives mail of one sort or another every day."

Some more suggestions:

After you hear from your recruit and check, they will probably like to get pre-printed labels, with their address on some and yours on others. Make sure you have the proper postage on your letters - one recruit had to pay in sweat for 12 cents postage due!

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  1. At least one letter from this household is waiting by the door, with a stamp on it and ready to go!