Monday, April 4, 2011

Moms speak out

I am obviously not the only mom to go through Recruit withdrawl. Here are a couple that resonated with me a lot...
The first ...well the vegan-dyed PEACE T-shirt just says it all.

"I wore my best vegan-dyed PEACE T-shirt. I was wary but not too worried. Zach was barely 17, graduation seemed far off still and the notion that he would volunteer was laughable. He didn’t like killing anything, even insects. The sight of blood made him gag. His favorite hobby was napping.
Zach looked over my shoulder as I examined dreamy photos of Hawaiian bird life and Munich’s museums and beer festivals. 'Great opportunities if he likes culture. … '
“What about the war?” I said.
'The Iraq thing?' I recall him saying. 'That’ll be over in no time. Let’s take a look at some of the great educational benefits.'"

This second one resonated not so much with this quote but with the full text of a couple of the recruit's early-in-the-experience letters which pretty much describe what Recruit must be feeling and doing. The above editorial is from 2006 and the below post is from September 2010.

"I am so proud of him I could cry.
He seems to be doing well, and is good about letting us know as much detail as he can.
When I read about him coming in 3rd in the race, I was so thrilled!  That's my boy!"
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