Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 9: Entering the home stretch with Team Week

So in the fourth from last week, Recruit is back from Camp Pendleton and glad to be "home" at the recruit depot. He is back to some familiar settings and working around the recruit depot, although I can't imagine there would be much cleaning to do there.  Their skills and knowledge are honed and tested in preparation for the final tests they will face in the few weeks left to come.  Team week is the period of time after you have spent two weeks at the rifle range. Team week is considered a break from training.

The purpose of team week is just as it suggests, to build teamwork with the recruits Recruit has been training alongside of for the past several weeks. At this point the drill instructors are not with recruits all the time, although they may check in. Recruits are under the authority of those who work in the designated areas, as well as fire team leaders and guide.

After this week, recruits face the final drill competition, take the final Physical Fitness Test, and take the final written test (which culminates all of their academic and classroom topics); each event has a trophy for the highest-scoring platoon. At this point, recruits will take their Marine Corps Martial Arts Program test and earn their tan belt; those who fail are dropped.

Recruits also prepare for the Crucible.
Some websites say the recruits go back to the confidence course this week.

During the two rounds of the Confidence Course, recruits will face 11 unique challenges, each more demanding than the one before.
 Recruits will first complete the course individually and then in 4-man fireteams, adding teamwork to the physical challenge. The course increases recruits’ physical strength and, as the name implies, confidence.
 Confidence Course I
A test of strength and balance, including low obstacles like:
• Arm Stretcher
• Parallel Bars
• Over and Under
 Confidence Course II
A greater test of determination, including high obstacles like:
• Skyscraper
• A-frame
• Slide for Life

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