Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 6, let's rappel

So there will be two rappelling places in Recruit's boot camp. The first one, happening this week or next, will be from a tower, walking down the side. Those who are afraid of heights do not get a break. The recruits learn how to tie the ropes and move down the tower.

The instructors start on the ground showing the recruits how to put on their harness and weave the rope through. Then you will climb up a fire team at a time to the top of the tower where additional rappelling instructors are waiting. From below, your entire platoon can watch you, so keep this in mind should those of you who are afraid of heights feel the urge to freak out. By the way, there is no option of not completing the rappel tower successfully. The instructors do not care if you are afraid. The point is to overcome what fear you have and accomplish the mission. Those who can't cut it are cut.

Way to trust your equipment!

“The rappel tower gives these recruits chance to let go of any lasting fears and build their confidence,” Staff Sgt. Nathan Stocking, Platoon 2146, Company G. “At first they seem nervous and shy, but if they just focus on the technique they are taught, they will be fine. Rappel is a simple concept.”
The harness is made using a six-foot rope wrapped around legs and hips and secured using a series of square knots.

After the wall, the recruits also learn "fast-roping," which gets them from the helicopter to the ground. The hole they drop out of the helicopter from is called a "hell-hole."


  1. This is one thing that I don't think I could do. I admire them cause I think I would get up there and FREAK OUT!

  2. For me it's not the tall places but the small spaces they have to crawl through .... brrr, claustrophobia!

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