Monday, May 16, 2011

Ufology at Camp Pendleton

Taking an aside here, I went to a presentation of a Ufologist the other day who talked about the Roswell incident, Area 51 and other such things and decided to see if Recruit was in any danger of being abducted by someone otherworldly. I found that indeed, Camp Pendleton has had it's share of possibilities over the years....

1951 - On this morning a total of seven F-86 fighters were scrambled to chase a UFO that remained over southern California for nearly 90 minutes. Two F-86 jet interceptors were scrambled from George AFB near Victorville, California then vectored by air defense GCI radar to a target off the Pacific Coast 30 miles west of Long Beach Airport, where the jets circled and then headed east toward Long Beach when the object was seen at 7:55 a.m. PDT at the 12 o'clock high position. It was in a left orbit at about 50,000 feet, above the F-86's. It appeared to be a bright silvery aircraft with highly swept back 45° wings. The F-86's tried to climb to intercept the object but it climbed away in response. Another two F-86's were scrambled from George AFB at about 8:00 a.m. as the first two were running low on fuel and broke off pursuit. The second pair of F-86's was vectored by GCI radar to Camp Pendleton, arrived there at 8:10 a.m. at 43,000 feet, and spotted the object at the one o'clock high position back to the north toward Muroc/Edwards AFB, appearing to be at about 50,000-55,000 feet in a controlled orbit. It looked like a swept wing aircraft that sped up when the F-86's tried to close.

1970 - March 21, 8:00 p.m. - 15-20 minutes While using night vision scopes, Marines witnessed three saucer craft hovering near Camp Pendleton rifle range during night firing exercises. (NUFORC)

1995 - July 20 - Mother and son see 4 pairs of paired lights hovering motionless in formation. 5th craft streaks up, hovers. Near Camp Pendleton.

2002 - June 11, Approx 3 minutes after sunset - Object emitting light at magnitude equivalent with that of venus, appeared WNW of MCAS. The object remained stationary for 30 seconds then nosedived for the deck. Traveling approx 20 deg. in 3 seconds. Object distance was 12-15 miles WNW from observer. Distance was determined by using cloud distances on radar. Object passed behind on layer,  and in front of another layer. Object was invisible on radar. Object was not seen again after it dissapeared below horizon.

2007 - November - Coach Tony Paopao, along with his wife, was driving south on Interstate 5 at about 10:45 PM, when they saw a large, bright object which passed over their vehicle, and hovered momentarily. It then headed in the direction of Camp Pendleton. It was quickly out of sight.
Coach Paopao made this statement about his sighting: "It was about 100 yards up. It was too low to be a plane and it was too fast and too quiet to be a helicopter."

2009  - October 5, 8:15 p.m. - We were driving north on the San Diego Freeway (Interstate 5) through Camp Pendleton when all of a sudden a bright red light caught my attention to the left out over the ocean, maybe about a mile or so ahead of our car. It was so unusual I could not stop staring at it. I did not know what it was and it did not appear to be like any aircraft such as a helicopter or plane of any sort. It glowed very intensely and pulsated at a regular interval, maybe 1 or 2 seconds apart. The intensity of the light was strong and constant. The color was ruby-like or light reddish.

 2010 - August 19, 8:30 p.m. - At first there were 3 lights forming a triangle. Then one of the lights (the one in the bottom right corner disappeared. I was able to snap this photo before it finally disappeared entirely.  After the sighting I called PMO and the Sgt on duty said that they've received numerous phone calls about the strange lights and that it was the Game Warden using a spotlight. Included is the original photo and I went on my iMac and zoomed in and tried to change the exposure to see the object better. You can see an outline of a triangular craft.

2011 - January 12, 9 p.m. - Last night I came home with my daughter and I slept on the couch. I have a view of the valley I am on a hill in Vista. I saw 2 huge balls of fire, at least that’s what it looked like in the sky over the mountains of Camp Pendleton. They moved very slowly, then disappeared. They came back again a couple minutes later and disappeared. They reappeared a third time and one descended on the mountain. Then they were just gone. My daughter saw it as well and she told me that is not the first time she had seen it before.

2011  - March 6 - I was driving down the main road leading on and off the military base in the early afternoon when to my left in the sky I saw a bright white light, hovering in the sky about the Air station and runway area. It wasn't too high, but it was high enough not to be confused as one of the Tower lights or attached to any structure from the ground. It was very bright, as if metal was reflecting off the Sun's light casting a blinding glow. It appeared to be flat and circular, but long... almost like a "Cigar." Almost as soon as I noticed it, from down the street riding in my vehicle, it appeared to have been "spooked" or scared away. It ascended away from my direction so fast from its hovering point (Point A) to its secondary point (Point B) but left a trail of light stretching behind it that connected the two points, and then from "Point B" it "zipped" away at an unbelievable speed until it simply vanished completely once it reached the clouds as if it entered what I can only assume was some type of "Warp Speed."


  1. I had this one incident all written down and dated but I've long since lost it. But I used to live on Camp Pendleton in San Onofre Housing #1. I want to say it was some time in mid to late 2011, me and three friends were on a side road to the 5-fwy called "trestle's trail" that leads to the beach, we were atop the cliff overlooking the shore and the ocean, around 8pm, in the ocean we saw a red light turn on and was just bobbing in the water, in some time two more red lights appeared bobbing in the water. we continued to watch for about 45mins as the lights would turn off, turn green, and multiply until their were about 13 lights bobbing in the water. we then decided to head home, me and my one friend dylan lived in SanOnofre 1 so we walked together as the other two went towards Officer Housing in San Mateo (another gate of camp pendleton housing).About 30mins after we separated we were near home but decided to stop at a spot nicknamed "the view", next to San Onofre middle school, to get a look at the lights again. We watched them bob for another 20 minutes before about half of them ascended and zoomed in formation into space without making a sound, as 5-6 others came in to view from what i'd say to be a warp-speed capacity and gently stop for half a second and then dive into the water and all of the lights in the water at that time disappeared as if diving down with the newly arrived ones. So we stay there for another 20 minutes fixated on the ocean before noticing there's a sort of stereotypical looking saucer-and-dome with a white light circling the diameter of the saucer, it was as high as a helicopter might fly, it was making slow, wide orbits around us overhead. After some more time had passed we started walking from the dirt path we were on towards the houses we lived in up the hill and then we saw another fleet of the red/green light ships (they were all red at this time). They were moving fast, and low, id say only 50-60 feet in the air, and still not making a sound. The one in the lead of the formation did a loop while it passed us, quickly slowing speed and coming lower to us, about 30ft, then within 2seconds of that, it matched the speed of the fleet and continued in the lead, they were being pursued by what we thought were highly sophisticate, small and quiet fighter jets but upon reflection they must have been drones. The fleet of ships went over the ocean where we had seen all the other activity, passing through a cloud, the drones were in quick pursuit but without any sort of sound or light being emitted they did not come out the other side of the cloud like the UFOs had, then half the fleet of ships dove into the ocean and the other half zoomed out of sight towards the stars. But i saw with good detail the ship that broke formation over us, their ships are incredible. They were of a smooth metal, like liquid mercury, and their shape was like a red blood cell, with the red half-sphere light atop in the middle. They were probably about 6ft wide and about 12ft long, it wasnt even higher than the telephone pole we were next to. So we returned to 'the view' and watched curiously for another 45 minutes, but nothing else happened so again we started walking home. At the same light pole we saw the bloodcell ship at we noticed the stereotypical dome ship was still observing us, following us overhead, so we stopped and i started waving my hands like you'd do in an S.O.S, and it started orbiting in a circle above us again and then descended to where he was probably only 10 feet higher than the telephone pole and hovered there for about a minute and then all of a sudden zoomed into space, just as fast and quiet as the rest...

    1. They are quiet. Not always with lights on. They often follow above cars at night along the riverbed along Ortega Hwy. Its well known.