Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 10, putting it all together

"Excellence doesn't just happen. It must be forged, tested and used. It must be passed down and woven into the very fabric of our soul until it becomes our nature"
- General Charles C. Krulak, 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps

During this week the recruits start putting all their training together during field training.
     "Field Training" is "practice war." They operate and live in a simulated combat environment and learn the fundamentals of patrolling, firing, setting up camp, and more.
     Basic Warrior Training introduces recruits to field living conditions. The majority of a Marine's field training is conducted after recruit training at the School of Infantry.
     During the 3-day Basic Warrior Training  recruits will learn basic field skills like setting up a tent, field sanitation and camouflage. It is also during this training that recruits go through the gas chamber.

Before starting, the recruits were given a brief demonstration of the course by the staff who work at Page Field.
The recruits low-crawled across the first portion of the course, back-crawled under barbed wire, rushed over the “tall wall” while checking for traps and finally made their way to the end.
They were not told that if they didn’t do it right the first time, they would have to repeat the course until they did it right. Basic warrior training

Preparing for the battlefield

Basic Warrior Training (BWT) teaches recruits how to operate in a combat environment. They will demonstrate these skills during  Day and Night Movement exercises.
 Field and infiltration skills are preparing personal equipment for battle; negotiating obstacles such as barbed wire; camouflage, cover and concealment; hand and arm signals; and mine and Improvised Explosive Device identification.
 Land Navigation training includes positioning on a map using landmarks and using a lensatic compass and military topographic map.

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