Thursday, May 5, 2011

Camp Pendleton

So now Recruit could be at Camp Pendleton where they take the recruits from the recruit depot where they spend their first weeks. Here they spend a month to get more active, run more, navigate the twists and turns of new pathways.

It is here that the final "Crucible" of learning will take the recruits up a mountain called the "Reaper." In the meantime there is always log training....

So anyway Camp Pendleton is the major West coast base for the U.S. Marine Corps. Spread over 125 acres, the camp trains Marines and other branches of the armed services.

"Amphibious and sea-to-shore training takes place at several key points along the base's 17 miles (27 km) of coastline. The main base is in the Mainside Complex, at the southeastern end of the base, and the remote northern interior is an impact area. Daytime population is around 100,000."

Camp Pendleton remains the last major undeveloped portion of the Southern California coastline, save for a few small state parks.

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  1. Our household got our first letter from our favorite Recruit! Sounds like he's doing well. He says he can't wait to go out to eat somewhere! Woot Woot!