Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 1 MCT

Everywhere I am reminded my child is learning the tools of war, the rolls of anguish, the bringing of death. I don't know if he really knows yet ... but I do, and as proud and honored I am to have such a warrior child, I am also terrified.

Week One: Classes & Practical Application

The first week of Marine Combat Training you’ll spend doing simple classes and practical application. You’ll take a class in the morning and then do the prac app in the afternoon. The first few weeks of class consist of learning about radios, automatic weapons, first aide, grenade launcher, AT-4s and other field equipment. In the afternoon you’ll work hands-on with the equipment to learn its parts and functions. Kevin Webb

The AT4 was designed in the late 1980's for use against the improved armor of light armored vehicles. Although the AT4 is mainly used as an anti-armor weapon, it may be used with limited success against secondary targets such as gun emplacements, pillboxes, buildings or light vehicles. Gary's

The M203 is a single-shot grenade launcher that attaches to the M16 assault rifle under the barrel. Used in combat and training scenarios; Fires 40mm grenades, including high-explosive, smoke, illuminating, buckshot direct fire, CS gas and training grenades; The M203 system includes the launcher, adaptors, leaf sights and quadrant sights. weapons

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