Sunday, July 17, 2011

MCT in the field

So, Marine is in the field and won't be able to call us this weekend. Normally part of MCT is weekend liberty on base, which means they can call parents, friends, wives etc. during certain times during the weekend. My son called a lot last weekend. I guess it was pretty boring hanging around.
So in the field ... same old, same old. Marching up and down, shooting things, eating MREs ... these photos and text are all from the same source: Ben in 2002

MREs in the field
 Ben's MCT course went from November 13 through November 30, 2002.  MCT is a course that all non-combat-arms Marines must undergo, so that they all have a basic uFor those of us at home, MCT was very different from boot camp in a couple of key ways.  First, they were given liberty on Sundays, so Ben got to call home.  Second, since the course was so short, it really didn't make sense to send mail.  We tried anyway.
They get an understanding of small unit tactics and basic familiarity with infantry weapons.  As I told Ben when he was leaving, "Pay close attention.  This could save your life some day."'          
Sleeping in metal sheds

Loading up
Some people take cell phones to MCT.  The problem is, the School of Infantry where the course takes place is pretty remote. Some phones won't work there. Ben described MCT as very active, little sleep, and a lot of spending the night outside.  It is a neat course.  They get to use hand grenades, grenade launchers, and the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon).  The instructors treated them differently to the way the DI's treated them in boot camp, which was greatly appreciated and added to the effectiveness of  the training.

I have noticed that there is very little change over the years. Some minor rules may change, but the same training formulas used for thousands of years are still used today, from once to always.

Egyptions training

Spartans training

Huns training

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