Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Combat training (MCT)

So our Marine left today for Marine Combat Training at Camp Pendleton.

Marine Combat Training is a 29-day course (prior to September 2007 it was 22 days) in which entry-level non-infantry Marines are taught the common skills needed in combat.
Marines learn the basics of combat marksmanship, counter-improvised explosive device techniques, how to conduct the defence of a position, convoy operations, combat formations, fireteam assaults, patrolling, MOUT, use of the AN/PRC-119 radio reporting military intelligence, land navigation, and the use of hand grenades, the M203 grenade launcher, AT-4 rocket launcher, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, and M240 machine gun. Training also includes combat conditioning by running an obstacle course, conducting hikes, physical training, and Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.
When he is finished, the Marine is to have gained the knowledge and ability to operate in a combat environment as a basic rifleman and to perform his or her primary duties under fire.

So this is what Marine is doing tomorrow:

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