Monday, August 29, 2011

Backing up a little, SOI

Those from Marine's India Co. boot camp who chose MOIs of Infantry are still in their Infantry Training Battalion at Camp Pendleton. The families of those young men report it is difficult and the battalion has quite a few who "don't make it." There were 249 to start and now are 193 left.
The mission is: "To train and provide proficient, MOS qualified Infantrymen to the Fleet Marine Force, Marine Security Forces and Marine Force Reserve."

The first three weeks you learn what all basic Grunts must know. The M67 fragmentary grendades, the M203 grenade launcher, the M249 SAW, and you will spent some time getting to use the AN/PVS 14B night vision goggles. You will also learn Basic combat formations, patrolling, hand and arm signals, Field craft(how to live right in the field), the correct way to pack a pack. (the bootcamp way is just craming things in tight as hell.) how to understand 5 paragraph orders. and a whole lot of humps....

Once your 3 week is training is up, you will be split off into actual MOSs like 0311 rifleman, 0331 machinegunner, 0341 mortorman, 0351 assualtman.
The whole thing ends with one giant illuminated night attack, combined arms range, with your old buddies the Machine gunners and mortarmen in support. youll assault those evil Ivan target bastards with Machineguns cracking over your head, and Mortars providing constant illumination. Its serrious buisness, but to be honnest it was alot of fun.

The best of all luck and heart to all these young men and women who are undergoing hell to put their lives in danger. Sempre Fi!

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