Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another graduation: MCT

So Marine graduated from combat training yesterday in the morning, then they put him on a bus to the airport and now he is in Missouri. He said the graduation ceremony was short, half an hour, and they didn't even change out of their cammos.

MCT Graduation, Kilo Co August 2, 2011 (Photo courtesy of  Phyllis Galvan McGeath, Wackadoo!)
It looks quite beautiful there at Camp Pendleton, and I wonder where that road leads ... I'm sure those boys know.

Every time I talked to him during the past few weeks, he talked about hiking (that and blowing things up). And sure enough, seemingly they did a lot of that marching around stuff:

Marine Combat Training
The hikes at MCT are not any better or worse than the Boot Camp hikes. You will only do 3 main hikes. You’ll do a scheduled 5k (3.1 miles), a 10k (6.2 miles) and a 17k (10 miles). You’ll also hike every day to either class, or the range which can be anywhere from 2 miles to 5 miles per day… every day while you’re there. You won’t PT much, but the hiking will keep you from getting fat, just expect to lose some muscle mass during Marine Combat Training. Kevin Webb

My Marine's actual platoon group, MCT Facebook

MCT Facebook also posted my Marine himself (above), and according to him, his butt (below).

So, with that at an end ... on to the next adventure: Missouri, Camp Leonard Wood ...

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