Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Marine rank: Corporal

Another rank has come upon my son. Another proud day. I am surprised daily as his nature stays the same. His kindness and humor are as intact as they ever were.
Marines have a reputation (in San Diego at least) of being stuck up, proud of themselves and inconsiderate of others. Mine says he can be that way too, but at least I never see it.
The rank is one implying the command of a section or squad of others. As a Marine corporal an individual is a rifle fire team leader, machine gun team leader, light mortar squad leader and assault weapon squad leader.

"A Corporal in the Marine Corps is a junior noncommissioned officer, and is equivalent in rank to the Army's junior NCO ranks of Corporal and Specialist. Corporals usually command small contingents of Marines in combat and operations, including four-man fireteams (which may also be lead by a Lance Corporal) or eight-man squads comprising of two fireteams.
"The Marine Corps specializes in small-unit operations, and as a result Corporals hold a significant amount of authority and resposibility in contrast to the lighter duties of Lance Corporals and Privates. Because of the responsibilities delegated to squad and fireteam leaders, promotion to Corporal is seen as a very significant accomplishment for an enlisted Marine.
"Promotion to Corporal is awarded on a rolling basis to experienced soldiers who achieve a qualifying composite or cutting score in a variety of assessments." Military Ranks

Arrotta’s tactical call sign was “India 14” which identified him as the company’s Forward Air Controller. (Courtesy of Joanne Schneider) 

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