Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My children, all three of them, are my heroes. The Marine is my knight, my warrior, my amazing shining beacon. My middle son is my humor, my baby, my support, my gentle man. My small son is my future, my energy, my thinker, my scientist, my bundle of potential.
These are my heroes. The people who lend me strength, heart, inspiration and motivation to do what is right and what is next in the order of my life.

Marines are heroes to many, those of other armed forces, those of other countries -- all heroes to somebody.

Heroes are individual to we who see them, who regard them and know them as such. Heroes are those who protect us, inspire us, impress us and encourage us to reach our potentials as human beings and connect with who we are individually.

Others don't have the right to tells us who are heroes should or should not be.

And so, while personally not especially inspired by Whitney Houston, I don't feel that any one of us has the right to say others should not regard her as a hero, or mourn her as one. While it is indeed wildly inappropriate to move flags to half-staff for her, it is also not ours to judge her personally and comparing one person to thousands is also wildly inappropriate. Certainly there are individual Marines who share her battles with addiction and life. You cannot match an individual and a whole corps of individuals, that is absurd.

My friend Phyllis Galvan McGeath has created a petition, which I wholeheartedly support, about the choice of flying the flag at half-staff
 The flag should be flown at half-staff through out the entire state for active duty military, law enforcement and firemen, and people elected to public office who serve our country.
This honor and sign of respectful mourning should be reserved for those who actually serve our communities and country by remembering the sacrifice they made and paying respect for their devotion to America!NOT Based on Fame, Fortune or Talent.  Flag petition

In the mean time, this is MY Marine Hero, and I'll stick with him, thank you:

... and I will be sad for the loss of an amazing and inspiring voice and the family members who are still missing her. RIP Whitney.

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