Monday, June 6, 2011

Testing week/retrospective

According to Recruit, this is testing week. We are going a bit retrospective here because this blog did not start at the very beginning and while this is the 11th week for them to be there, it is only week 10 in the training schedule because the first week is an orientation and not officially a training week.

Our children began here:

And now they are ready to move into the last part of the experience before they become Marines.

There are two primary tests:
Final Practical Application Test
The final practical application test is a series of test events where recruits are required to demonstrate their knowledge and mastery of the subject.
These areas include: First Aid skills, Customs and Courtesies (like saluting or boarding a ship). Marine Corps Uniform and rank identification, and Weapons assembly and disassembly.
Final Written Academic Test
The final written academic test is second of two written tests recruits take during their training. Recruits must pass both the practical application test and the written test in order to progress in training and to be able to graduate. Recruits are tested across the spectrum of what they have been taught in training.
Test material includes: Core values and ethics, First Aid, Military History, Customs and Courtesies, Marine Corps Uniforms, Leadership, Marine Corps Policy and Organization, BWT (Basic Warrior Training) subjects like land navigation and hand and arm signals, and Marksmanship.
And here our children will be for the rest of their lives:

"You earned the title "Marine" upon graduation from boot recruit training. It wasn't willed to you; it isn't a gift. It is not a government subsidy. Few can claim the title; no one can take it away. It is yours forever."
- Tom Barlett - Leatherneck Magazine

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